Satisfy the appetite of your discerning travellers.

If you’re looking to provide memorable experiences for your customers, collaborate with Veenus and we’ll get your customers behind the scenes, or out-of-hours access to the most iconic buildings and hidden gems found in the UK.

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We are always on the lookout for high quality hotels offering exceptional personable service.

If you host group travellers, whilst treating them as individuals, and review well, join our network of Veenus approved hotels. We’ll match your hotel to one of our tailor-made packages, so if there’s something special you offer to enhance the guest experience we want you to shout about it!

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Does your experience stand out from the crowd?

Does your experience stand out from the crowd? From immersive hands-on activities to exclusive tours and tastings, your out-of-the ordinary offer could be perfectly placed in one of our group experience packages. Together we can provide our visitors with memorable visits, be that out-of-hours or behind the scenes, with artisans, legends or experts. We want to hear from you – get in touch on 01753836600 to find out more about partnering with Veenus.