Our Story

Your Journey, Guided by Veenus

At Veenus, we believe group travel should be as personalised and enriching as solo adventures. Inspired by the '80s golden age of travel, our forward-thinking hotelier-turned-CEO started a revolution in the '90s to guarantee every group receives this unparalleled care.

Your Challenges, Our Mission

We know that navigating the complexities of group travel can often lead to a one-size-fits-all experience. At Veenus, we challenge this norm. We're committed to helping you deliver authentic, story-driven adventures that immerse your groups in the local culture, connect them with groundbreaking artisans, and unlock exclusive experiences far from the well-trodden path.

Crafting Your Perfect Journey

From securing top-tier accommodation and dining experiences to chartering luxury trains and offering exclusive river cruises, we blend timeless elegance with modern luxury. Our 30-year quest for perfection has led to over 11,000 service enhancements, all designed to elevate your travel experience. With our influence and dedication, we continually coordinate in detail with our partners to guarantee service that exceeds your expectations.

Innovation at Your Service

When the world changed, so did we. Our tech-forward ethos is embodied in VEGA, our state-of-the-art online platform, which brings real-time booking data and operational efficiency, previously unseen in the industry, to your fingertips.

Leading the Digital Journey

Our expertly crafted content and visuals immediately become available in your account on booking, to ensure your travel packages are ready to dazzle within moments, not months. We set the pace, defining group travel and continuing to innovate.

Your Invitation to Extraordinary

Veenus is committed to delivering experiences that go beyond expectations, continually inspired by the evolving landscapes of travel and technology. Join us and together we'll chart a course to unforgettable experiences that last a lifetime.

Our Awards

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