Our Story

Veenus is born out of a passion for unconventional travel.

Working as a hotelier in the 90s, our director went against the tide when it came to hosting groups, offering exceptional service, the same as received by individual hotel guests. Through his own experiences in the hey-day of travel of the 80s & 90s, a desire to provide everyone with immersive, life-affirming experiences developed.

We invite travellers to share in local stories, meet the owners and innovators, by joining our exclusive access tours which differentiate us from the mass market. We pair this with suitable accommodation and dining, underpinned by our in-house Hotel Delivery Agreement.

In our 30 years of existence, we have spent every day experimenting - that’s 11,000 tweaks to perfect our product. We accelerated during the pandemic, resulting in the biggest ever pivot to our business. We became totally travel tech focused, through the development of our award-winning online platform VEGA - assisting both our collaborators and suppliers with live booking data.

Our next focus? To encourage a shift to digital for the market. Our expert copy and visuals mean programmes are ready for promotion online within minutes of purchase, a speedier and more cost-effective way than traditional formats.

Our Awards

Most Innovative Experience
Travel Provider

-South East England